Local Events

Next Practice:
April 29th at Mt Airy Forest – meet at the circle – transmitters come on at 10 AM
Course Setter – Dick Arnett WB4SUV – 2m


March 25th ARDF Practice

Conditions were nearly perfect for the March ARDF (on-foot) foxhunt practice session at McFarlan Woods with temperatures some forty plus degrees warmer than the February hunt. Eight teams/ individuals were presented with a realistic training course some 4 kilometers in length. McFarlan woods created a great many obstacles for ARDF including reflections and hilly terrain.

Congratulations to all who attended and special thanks to Matt, Dick, and Brian for assisting with control pickup after the event.  Next month Dick, WB4SUV will be setting a course. I get to run, UGH!. Though I think it might be easier than setting  the course.  Bob, WA6EZV

Here are the results:

Name Call Time No found Order
Matt Robbins AA9YH 81 Min. 5 2,4,5,1,3
Brian deYoung k4BRI 88 Min. 5 1,5,3,4,2
Dick Arnett WB4SUV 96 Min. 5 1,5,3,4,2
Marji Garrett KJ4VKC 145 Min. 3 5,3,1
Ryan Owens AC8UJ 123 Min. 2 3,2
Cesi & Julianna DiBenedetto KD8OOB 128 Minutes 2 1,3
Brent Shields KK4HMR 55 Min. 1 1
Pat Maley KD8PAT 129 Min. 1 3

Course map showing the locations of the five transmitters


Feb 25th at Mt. Airy
9 teams come out to Mt Airy despite of the sudden cold snap and tried out ARDF. I placed 5 2m transmitters in a very short course of about 2.5k, with a few very visible. We didn’t really keep time or number of transmitters found, this was more of a ‘getting to know ARDF’ event. We will do proper starts at our next practice event.